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Kaitlyn Korogy-Guarneros (she/her/hers) is a nonprofit arts leader working to cultivate authentic and affirming spaces for youth to create music. At the helm of The Opus Project at the San Diego Youth Symphony, she drives the vision, strategic design, execution, and expansion of community-based programming. She has served on the El Sistema USA Membership & Engagement Committee since 2018.
Born and raised in San Diego, California, she grew up in one of the largest public school systems in California at a time when the arts were seeing drastic cuts in public funding. Her career in leadership and advocacy unofficially began in her Sophomore year, when she successfully sought the restoration of her high school’s orchestra program.
She began her career as a private cello teacher and teaching artist. After joining SDYS’ faculty in 2012 to teach at the Opus Project, she ultimately found her biggest passion in arts administration and creative youth development. Kaitlyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from San Diego State University and a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from University of San Diego.


Monique Van Willingh: Kaitlyn Korogy has a dynamic vision for student voice, youth leadership and mentorship. Her passion for creating sustainable pathways for youth to engage in programming post-graduation is visionary and will be a good fit in support of El Sistema USA’s vision for youth ambassadors. As a program leader, Kaitlyn fosters a culture of care and creativity in her team and actively engages growth opportunities that support pathways of TA leadership. This type of sustainable thinking and planning sets a helpful example in the field and will propel the national work forward around TA support.

Monique van Willingh, Director of Cultural Equity and Belonging, New England Conservatory of Music


I have worked with Kaitlyn Korogy in various capacities; as a community arts education colleague, collaborator in the San Diego Creative Youth Development Network, and as a funder. Kaitlyn’s leadership, deep experience, and knowledge as a music educator has always brought value, insight, and passion to the spaces we have shared. She’s not only a valuable asset to the San Diego Youth Symphony but to the larger arts education community here in San Diego and beyond. I fully support her nomination to the El Sistema Board of Directors.

Matt D’Arrigo, Director of Creative Youth Development, The Clare Rose Foundation


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