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After receiving his GED in 2000, Alonzo began working in the non-profit sector. In 2005 following his passions for music, youth, families, community and social justice, Alonzo began tutoring children of color for Metropolitan Family Services. In 2010 he went to Self Enhancement Inc. as an after school tutor for elementary and middle school students. He was promoted to working with students of all ages in arts and performance.

In 2014 he shifted his focus to working with under-resourced parents and was hired at Black Parent Initiative as a community outreach specialist. He was able to build parent engagement programs and culturally specific literacy programs within Portland Public Schools. Alonzo established partnerships and significant collaborations with multiple organizations and community partners leading to the strength and stability of Black Parent Initiative. His advocacy and empowerment work with parents is a source of pride for Alonzo.

In 2018 Alonzo Chadwick returned to Self Enhancement Inc. as a school manager in the after school program, Schools Uniting Neighborhoods, where he was promoted to create and run SEI’s Parent Engagement Model. The model grew under his leadership to include 8 programs and 25 plus staff. He trained and developed staff to empower parents and families to become self sufficient, using self-efficacy curriculum and co-investment in their own success.

Beginning in April 2021, Alonzo Chadwick become the CEO and Executive Director of BRAVO Youth Orchestras. BRAVO’s mission under Alonzo’s leadership is to serve diverse populations of students by providing mentorship opportunities and multiple pathways to engage in the arts, thus empowering students to be the change they desire to see through pursuits in music and the arts. Alonzo serves on the Police Review Board for the Portland Police Bureau, Board of Directors for Prevent Child Abuse, and the president for the Board for Youth Organized and United To Help. Alonzo is a husband, father and professional vocalist..


I endorse Alonzo Chadwick as a candidate for consideration for the El Sistema Board of Directors because he is a visionary who truly embodies the mission, vision and values of El Sistema both personally and professionally. He is an incredible husband and father who understands the value of family by putting his family first at all times. He’s not only a leader but also a strong pillar and stakeholder who lives in the community he serves. He actively seeks ways to highlight the beauty that already exists while working to make things better.

As the leader of an El Sistema inspired organization, he works tirelessly to prioritize equity and inclusion. He has a vision for DEI to be part of the fabric of our organization, not just a box to be marked on a checklist. He has demonstrated this effort by hiring and promoting women and people of color into leadership roles and by establishing DEI training as foundational and ongoing to the BRAVO work experience. This focus on training enables our staff to continue to develop professionally and have the tools needed to effectively impact the communities we serve.

Cinda Jackson, Chief Programs Officer-BRAVO Youth Orchestras


I would like to enthusiastically endorse Alonzo Chadwick Sr. for the Board of Directors of El Sistema USA. His integrity, commitment and strong leadership skills are needed in board rooms. He has lived experience that is valuable in decision making and he backs this up with a skilled business mind. Alonzo is a community icon and brings much value to all he has been tasked to do.

Libra Forde, Executive Director of Women’s Foundation of Oregon



I have had the pleasure of personally knowing Alonzo Chadwick, fondly known as Zo, for over 10 years. Alonzo has been committed to working with at-risk youth and families for all the years I’ve known him. His love, dedication, and compassion to make a difference in their lives continues to be demonstrated in his commitment to community.

I have found Mr. Chadwick to be an exceptional individual. He not only has a passion for working with children/youth but adheres to a strong value system of perfection. He is also sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by his colleagues , peers, subordinates, and superiors alike. He shines with a humility that belies his intellectual brilliance.

I am deeply impressed by Mr. Chadwick’s skill set and recommend him without hesitation as a board member for your organization. I am confident that, if selected, he would provide the same high level of service, commitment, and excellence that he has demonstrated in his personal and professional life.

Carla Penn-Hopson

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