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Music guide

A Musician’s Guide to Reaching for the Stars

Join us to explore how music has the potential to open doors and set you on many paths, from being a conductor to a music producer to an astronaut!

We are thrilled to announce that El Sistema USA® has partnered with Polaris Dawn, a commercial human spaceflight mission launching to space this summer, to develop a free curriculum resource for music and non-music educators globally! This curriculum focuses on the intersection of music, science, and social-emotional skills.

Developed in collaboration with Polaris Dawn Mission Specialist Sarah Gillis, an engineer and astronaut classically trained on violin, El Sistema USA’s new curriculum inspires students to pursue their dreams. We’re thrilled that Sarah is helping us highlight the power of music education in advance of her upcoming mission to space, and we encourage you to check out the new curriculum website and help spread the word!

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Together, we can raise awareness about the power of music education to build community, opportunity, and personal growth for all children.

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