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Ciyadh Wells is a multifaceted musician who prides herself in not only being an artist but also an activist, and a scholar. As a scholar and educator, Wells believes everyone deserves access to diverse and inclusive art, which she advocates as being essential to society. Ciyadh’s mission is to utilize the impact of music old and new, to manifest moments of meaningful change and to inspire community therein.

She is the Artistic & Executive Director of Margins Guitar Collective and she is a former member of the Sphinx LEAD program. Ciyadh is one half of guitar duo, Duo Charango, and lives in Austin, Texas where she works as the Development Manager at Austin Soundwaves.


Ciyadh Wells and I have worked in a variety of professional settings together. We have been colleagues at a music education non-profit, sat on the same Board of Directors, and we have completed freelance projects together. In each environment, I have been impressed with her ambition, innovative thinking, and her ability to orient her work towards larger strategic goals.

For example, on the Austin Emerging Arts Leaders Board of Director, she helped create a plan for a fundrive. This may not seem like an extraordinary undertaking; however, there was little to no infrastructure in place for development work within that particular organization. Ciyadh built the infrastructure from the ground up and made sure it fit within the large strategic goals of the group.

Another example of Ciyadh’s work is the Anti-Oppression Taskforce at Austin Classical Guitar (ACG). The taskforce was focused on promoting diversity and equity within the workplace and ACG’s community programming. Ciyadh saw the inception of the group, led the 2020-2021 strategic planning of the group, and aided in the execution of the strategic plan with much success.

I fully recommend Ciyadh Wells for the El Sistema Board of Directors. I am positive she would be a great individual to undertake any challenge the organization may face.

Jess Griggs, Austin Classical Guitar’s Production Director

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