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Born and raised in the Frogtown neighborhood of St Paul, Minnesota, Mahogany is a current senior at The Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts (SPCPA) with an emphasis on vocal performance and musical theatre. She is a long standing member of ComMUSICation, where she was an original member in second grade, and is now celebrating its 10 year anniversary as a Music Program Assistant. Outside of ComMUSICation, Mahogany is a steward of the Black community through SPCPA’s Black Student Union, as well promoting social justice through music in VocalEssence Singers of This Age (SOTA). She created an adaptation of The Princess and The Frog for the stage, and put together a proposal to direct said musical next semester. Mahogany will continue her studies next year with a major in elementary education and a minor in music. In her free time, she enjoys going to lively events like roller skating and open mics.

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