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Jason is a cellist from Pittsfield Massachusetts. He is the son of two immigrant parents from El Salvador and Mexico. He started playing cello when he was 5 years old through the Kids 4 Harmony program at his elementary school. He continued to develop his skills throughout his elementary school years, until middle school where he met and started studying music under Alla Zernitskaya and Ignacy Gaydamovich, who have helped him grow as both a musician and person to this very day. Jason is currently enrolled in Pittsfield High School where he continues to learn and creates a better future for himself and others. His dedication to others has led him to become a member of the Student Government at his school, where he advocates for others who aren’t heard or represented. He is also a member of Rotary and Peace Jam where he volunteers his time to donate, or set up donations for those who need help in his community.

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