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Miraculously, the pandemic hasn’t stopped dedicated organizations from providing connectivity and music programming for its youth. In that spirit, we are proud to announce that YOLA National, El Sistema USA, and the Collective Conservatory have teamed up to create a virtual seminario for 3rd–5th-grade students from El Sistema programs across California from July 20 through 24, 2020.

These organizations have all been working tirelessly to continue to provide quality musical experiences for their communities. At this midsummer junction, the Collective Conservatory has already served over a dozen programs, refining a unique collaborative composition process inspired by the energy and creativity of youth all around the country.  LA Phil has adapted their annual program in a special initiative “YOLA National At Home,” and El Sistema USA has led the way in connecting resources and activities in alignment with their mission to provide support and musical access to vulnerable communities. Social change through music never stops!

So what will this week look like? The Collective Conservatory will lead rehearsals and studio sessions via online video conferencing while students tune in from all over the state. The interactive sessions will help students create their own miniature “DJ Booths,” collecting excerpts recorded from home with their instruments, voices, and “found sound” in and around their homes. Student recordings will be artfully produced into elaborate soundscapes, songs, and large scale pieces of music. The results: some seriously sensational singles that you will want to add to your favorite playlists!

Be among the first to hear the brand-new music at the Drop Party, live-streamed on Collective Conservatory’s Facebook page, July 31 at 1pm PDT.

Zoom Link for Students & Participating Teaching Artists ONLY

Call Time is 1:15pm PDT on Friday July 31, 2020!
***Note for students and parents
Please note that we will be live streaming this over YouTube, and this session will be available to the public. If there are any parents or students that do not feel comfortable being on camera, they can either stay off camera, or they can choose to opt out of this session. There is absolutely no pressure around this, we will completely understand either way. We just want to make you aware !

YouTube Link for parents, community members, donors, and anyone else

For the public, the event begins at 2:00pm PDT, and you can use the “Tune In” button which will go live at 2:00pm on Friday July 31, 2020! 

The following groups have confirmed their participation:

  • Youth Orchestra Los Angeles
  • Caesura Youth Orchestra (Glendale)
  • Enriching Lives Through Music (San Rafael)
  • Angelica Center for the Arts and Music (Los Angeles)
  • Music Mission San Francisco (San Francisco)
  • Making MUSICA! (Riverside County: Hemet, Temecula, Idylwild)
  • Youth Orchestra Salinas

Collective Conservatory Personnel:

  • Natalie Frakes- Mindfulness and Music Instructor
  • Gabriel Colby- Movement Instructor
  • Osi Atikpoh- Producer
  • Ben Hoyt- Producer
  • Ruben Hernandez- Instructor and Producer
  • Pete Tashjian- Music Director, Producer, Instructor
  • Daniel Trahey-Creative Director and Instructor
  • Emily Smith- Teaching Artist
  • Gabriel Gutierrez- Teaching Artist
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