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Introducing a Series of 4 Webinars on Creative Collective Composition

Collective Composition is a unique and engaging way to incorporate more creativity into intensive music education settings. Through Collective Compositions, students experience a structured and supportive environment for creative expression and empowering student voice, all while continuing to build on the skills they already learn in their ensemble rehearsals.

In this webinar series, you will hear from Dan Trahey, Camille Delaney-McNeil, Emily Smith, and Armand Hall: four expert teaching artists who actively use Collective Composition in innovative ways across the country.

In the first webinar (which took place on May 31st and will be available in our Member Portal by June 5th), teachers will learn from Dan Trahey how set-up their learning environment to support student voice and creativity. Then, learn how to transfer improvisation into composition, and discuss how your program can find opportunities to use Creative Composition.

For the second webinar, Camille Delaney-McNeil addresses how to create socially motivated music with students, and how to expand students’ musical expression beyond their instruments and into their voices. You’ll also learn about the long-term changes that take place in programs that use Collective Composition regularly.

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Our third webinar, hosted by Emily Smith, will give you a toolbox of strategies to use as starting points in your ensemble’s composition process. You’ll also hear how Collective Composition can support in-school music programs through arts-integration.

For our final webinar in August, Armand Hall will discuss how to utilize Collective Composition in a performance-based ensemble. Learn how to integrate this strategy of creativity without sacrificing time needed to learn standard repertoire. Learn methods to engage students in using arranging skills as a vehicle for creative expression

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