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Design & Implementation of Strategic Plans

Thursday January 19 at 9-10am PST/ 12-1pm EST via Zoom

This event has passed. Click here to download the recording from the Resource Hub.

Peter Compo

Calling all ESUSA members to join us for a special webinar on design and implementation of strategic plans with Peter Compo. Peter is the author of the new book The Emergent Approach to Strategy and will present straightforward, yet sophisticated strategy techniques.

Do you experience any of the following…

  • Strain on the organization because of too much to do?
  • Lack of focus? Is your strategy a long list of priorities?
  • Do you have difficulty resolving conflicts?
  • Or are you conflict-free for the wrong reasons?
  • Do you have problems with execution? Or lack of performance?
  • Do you just feel you can be better?
  • Or are you unclear how to create a strategy?

In the webinar you will learn

  • How to clarify your visions, missions, and specific goals
  • How to find strategy by identifying what is in the way of progress – the bottleneck
  • How to design a strategy that can fit on one page
  • How to create a simple road map for strategy implementation
  • How to create a simple method of tracking progress and quality of execution

Peter is not only a 25-year veteran of the multinational corporation E.I.DuPont, where he held a diverse range of leadership positions. But he serves on the boards of two El Sistema membership programs and is the strategy advisor to ESUSA. He is also a musician who truly believes in the power of music to enable children to reach their potential. Peter stresses that the Emergent Approach does not tell you what your strategy should be…it enables you to find one.

You can learn more about Peter and his approach at:

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