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I’m Angel, a junior from Los Angeles, California, with over 9 years of involvement in the ESUSA program through YOLA at Exposition. Currently attending online school, I aspire to pursue music in college, aiming for a master’s in a conservatory to kickstart my professional musical career. Proficient in violin, piano, drums, guitar, and bass guitar, my passion for music deepened during my YOLA journey. Initially uncertain about a musical career, my involvement in YOLA transformed my perspective, and my dreams. I love both performing and creating music as a composer and producer. Privileged to access private lessons with the LA Philharmonic through YOLA, I ensure my commitment to maintaining a violinist presence in orchestra and group classes. Grateful for opportunities with the YOLA Institute Symphony Orchestra, I extend heartfelt appreciation to YOLA and ESUSA for turning my musical dreams into reality within this cherished community. This opportunity is a profound blessing for which I am sincerely thankful.

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