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Kaylee Johnson

Sistema Ravinia

Kaylee is a 14-year-old flutist from Chicago. She has been a member of Sistema Ravinia for 6 years. She is…

Haley Vallecillo

Paterson Music Project

Howdy, I’ve been playing my violin for about 7 years and during that time I made wonderful friendships. I love…

Geanelly Vallecillo

Paterson Music Project

I’m Geanelly and I play the viola for 9 years. I dream of one day becoming a music and history…

Daniel Muñoz

Sistema Ravinia

My name is Daniel Muñoz, and I've been playing the trombone since 4th grade. I have always love music and…

Jayden Moore

BSO OrchKids

Jayden Moore has studied viola for the past eight years as part of the Baltimore Symphony OrchKids Program. He is…

Keturah Quinn

Sistema Ravinia

My name is Keturah Quinn, and I go by Tutu I'm 14 years old and I play Violin. I've been…

Nyla Hill

BSO Orchkids

Hi, I am Nyla. I am in 9th grade and my instrument is cello. I've started OrchKids in 4th grade…

Jamie Quispe


I like to read and listen to music and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like…

2023 Youth Ambassador Leute Lagaaia

Leute Lagaaia

Sistema Utah & Tuned In

Leute Lagaaia is a senior at American Preparatory Academy in West Valley City, Utah and a peer mentor for Sistema…

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