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Networking Cocktail Hour with the National Instrumentalist Mentoring + Advancement Network

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The National Instrumentalist Mentoring and Advancement Network (NIMAN) is a national coalition that works to align, promote, and develop equitable opportunities and inclusive environments to advance BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) instrumentalists to thrive in classical music. As a membership-based national association, NIMAN works as a connector, convener, and facilitator for music organizations and BIPOC instrumentalists. NIMAN will ensure real impact by providing specialized mentoring support for BIPOC musicians as well as helping institutions take meaningful steps toward equity and inclusion. NIMAN takes a multi-dimensional approach to impacting outcomes for aspiring musicians of color. Launched in January 2021, ESUSA member and NIMAN volunteer Stanford Thompson will share more information about the association, its goals, and programs.


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