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Hear Her Song

A musical celebration of extraordinary women, through new songs inspired by their words.

*This event has passed but the recording is now available in the Resource Hub.

Please join us for the premiere of Hear Her Song, a collaboration with The Canales Project with support from the National Endowment for the Arts!

This project commissioned female composers from Hear Her Song to arrange their songs for El Sistema USA® member youth ensembles. This collaboration not only provided youth with new music from the Hear Her Song canon, but also provided professional opportunities for composers, and exposed young musicians to music of modern female composers that highlights stories of women leadership. In engaging with this project, ESUSA students have learned new forms of artistic advocacy that broadens our understanding as individuals and as a society.

Programs & Composers

Collaborating With

Composition “You and I”

Collaborating With

Composition “Hear My Song”

Collaborating With

Composition “Someday”

Collaborating With

Composition “Without Doubt”

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