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Teaching Artist Forum 11/17/23

November 17, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Backwards Design Lesson Planning

“Our lessons, units, and courses should be logically inferred from the results sought, not derived from the methods, books, and activities with which we are most comfortable. Curriculum should lay out the most effective ways of achieving specific results… in short, the best designs derive backward from the learnings sought.” (Understanding the Design Wiggins and McTighe, 2005)

Join peer Teaching Artists by challenging yourself to build lesson plans with the end in mind. Establish student learning goals and intended outcomes, then plan backwards to set up assessments, strategies, and content to help your students achieve these learning goals. This virtual forum will provide opportunities for project-based collaboration and group discussion among music Teaching Artists, with the goal of finding ways to more accurately teach to our students’ needs for learning and understanding in the music classroom.

Facilitated by Teaching Artists Training Institute

The newly formed Teaching Artist Forum aims to provide a space for Teaching Artists working with El Sistema-inspired programs to collaborate, network, and workshop teaching ideas and strategies. Through six discussion-based forums facilitated in partnership with the Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI), participants will explore best practices in music education by looking at case studies from peer Teaching Artists, address common classroom success and challenges, and idea swap tools for implementing new teaching techniques.

Teaching Artist Training at the New World Center Miami Beach

Facilitated by Anna Barson

Managing Director, TATI

Anna Barson is based in Durham, NC and is a passionate educator, musician, and arts advocate. As the Managing Director of the Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI), Anna is excited to develop a sustainable community of belonging that provides applicable and tangible tools and resources for music educators across the US. Anna looks forward to deepening her impact as a nonprofit leader through community-building, training teaching artists to develop culturally responsive classrooms, and engaging nonprofit leaders and educators in conversations around access, equity, inclusion, and social justice in the music classroom.

Prior to working with TATI, Anna taught orchestra at the elementary and middle school levels before transitioning to administrative positions at Kidznotes, an El Sistema-inspired music education nonprofit, and SKJAJA Fund, a community-based scholarship program. Anna holds a dual Bachelor of Music degree in Cello Performance and Music Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Arts degree in Arts Management and Cultural Leadership from Colorado State University.

Outside of work, Anna can be found performing with local orchestras, testing out new recipes in the kitchen, or camping in the mountains with her dog, Milo.

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