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Establishment of the First “Criteria for Membership”

The establishment of the first "Criteria for Membership" in 2016, was developed by the ESUSA Membership and Engagement committee, based on the The Fundamentals of El Sistema, outlined by Eric Booth, various engagement sessions with members, reviewing previous census results,…

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El Sistema USA Incorporated as a Nonprofit

The National Alliance of El Sistema Inspired Programs was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2014 for individuals and organizations inspired by the Venezuelan music education model. (The name was changed to El Sistema USA® in 2018.)

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El Sistema Originated in Venezuela in 1975

Originating in Venezuela in 1975, El Sistema, under the visionary leadership of José Antonio Abreu, pioneered a state-funded music education program. The program was funded not through the ministry of arts and culture, rather the ministry of social services, emphasizing…

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