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Call and Reponse: Cultivating Leadership, Ownership, and Advocacy for Program Stakeholders via Collective Composition Practices

Students in marginalized communities often experience less opportunity to play music within the confines of Classical music training that is reflective of their experiences or cultural practices. Collaborative Composition techniques give program staff, teachers, and students the ability to go beyond simply what is “on the page” and break down any hierarchal barriers and systems to create meaningful community-building experiences. This interactive session will give participants practical Collaborative Composition and team-building tools that they can immediately use in their communities to enhance all stakeholders’ experiences in their programs.


Mollie Westbrook, Senior Program Manager & Teaching Artist, OrchKids

Camille Delaney-McNeil, Director of Programs, OrchKids

Khandeya Sheppard, Senior Program Manager & Teaching Artist, OrchKids

Devron Dennis, Mentor/Teacher, OrchKids

Asia Palmer, Mentor/Teacher, OrchKids

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Room: Venetian

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