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A musical celebration of extraordinary women, through new songs inspired by their words.

We are honored to collaborate with The Canales Project through an award from the National Endowment for the Arts! This project will commission composers from Hear Her Song to arrange their songs for El Sistema USA® affiliate youth ensembles. This collaboration will not only provide youth with new music from the Hear Her Song canon, but also provide professional opportunities for composers, and expose young musicians to music of modern female composers that highlights stories of women leadership. In engaging with this project, ESUSA students will learn new forms of artistic advocacy that broadens our understanding as individuals and as a society. While four member organizations will work directly with composers on this project, composers will also be part of a panel discussion open to all member organizations of El Sistema USA.

El Sistema USA Member Organizations:

We are also thrilled to spotlight The Canales Project’s Hear Her Song artists, who will be working with these organizations! In addition to arranging their songs into orchestral compositions, artists will host virtual workshops with the musicians of the programs, along with a panel discussion for El Sistema USA member organizations. We are pleased to collaborate with these fantastic composers and honorees:

Learn more about the Composers

Launched in 2017, Hear Her Song is a collaborative initiative honoring diverse women leaders with original songs written by female composers and songwriters across the globe. To date, Hear Her Song has commissioned over 40 songs, honored over 38 leaders, employed 65 artists, and collaborated with 10 partner organizations, involving a total of 11 countries. By commissioning arrangements for El Sistema USA members, The Canales Project will further provide critical paid opportunities for the composers, expose youth to music of modern female composers that highlight stories of women leadership, and provide greater generative exposure for the participants and organizations involved.

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