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Viola Resident Musician

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The position of Resident Musician at Music Haven is varied, engaging, intense, and fulfilling. The Haven String Quartet performs approximately 20 concerts a year, roughly split between family-friendly concerts and interactive workshops, and evening-length recitals from September through June. Concerts and events regularly fall outside of the 10-6pm hours, with multiple weekend events a month. Music Haven plans to grow from the HSQ into a rotating Chamber Players model in the near future, so musicians can expect additional variety in the concert schedule. Resident Musicians also maintain a full teaching and mentoring schedule to serve Music Haven’s nearly 100 students. This includes teaching one-on-one lessons, small group classes, coaching chamber groups, leading studio class, and directing medium to large-sized group classes. To balance this workload, one weekday is typically a “flex day,” where one does not teach or rehearse. One’s time is evenly split throughout the year performing as part of a professional ensemble and maintaining a full teaching schedule.

Days typically begin with a rehearsal 10:00am-1pm at Music Haven or perhaps leading a small group class off-site at a New Haven Public School, with a break in the early afternoon, and then teaching on-site from 2:30-6pm.

Music Haven employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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