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Friends of El Sistema USA:

We kicked off 2018 by hosting our first El Sistema USA National Symposium, which included more than 180 teaching artists, students, parents, administrators, and board members from over 47 programs across the United States.  Teaching Artists from El Sistema Colorado (ESC) shared about the impact of their Symposium experience:

I am so glad I got to go to the Symposium for a number of reasons, but top of the list would be the connections I was able to make and the giants in the field that I was able to meet for the first time in person.  Seeing so many other teaching artists and program directors…really gave me a sense for not only how widespread the movement is, but the opportunities we have as a national organization.

Rachael Brown, ESC Teaching Artist


All of us that went came back extremely inspired and reinvigorated with new ideas and new motivations.  I learned a ton…it was an amazing experience.  We came back ready to get back to work.

Heath Ellis, ESC Volunteer Coordinator


I am from Venezuela, so I have known this program for a long long time, but it was really amazing to see how far it has come in the US.  I feel that all of us are working with the same level of engagement.  It’s really important to have these moments to share our experiences because we can use other programs’ ideas in Colorado and they can use what we are doing here to get better.  

Patricia Segarra, ESC Family Engagement Specialist


By supporting El Sistema USA, you are supporting teams of passionate musicians like those at El Sistema Colorado. With the resources that El Sistema USA provides, these teams will be able to make an even more powerful impact on their students.

Lisa Townsend, Teaching Artist at El Sistema Colorado shared:

It was really important for us to all go to the symposium this year…to see what that this looks like across the country…My biggest connections were with…some of the other teachers who have been doing this longer than I have and…to talk with them about strategies for teaching that can help me on my journey.  To have some dedicated time to focus on what ESC means to us and compare and contrast with other organizations across the country was life changing for my professional development…Thank you for supporting that and making that happen for our team.


Your gift will help El Sistema USA continue to bolster and enhance the efforts of programs like El Sistema Colorado across the United States by:

  • Supporting quarterly regional gatherings across the U.S.
  • Supporting the creation of exciting new online resources for members, including a new website with membership portal and networking platforms, benchmarking reports, training webinars, repertoire and program resources, and findings in evaluation and research.

Thank you for making a gift now to support our movement!





With profound gratitude,





Katie Wyatt, Executive Director, El Sistema USA,

Myka Miller, Fundraising Committee Chair, ESUSA, Executive Director, Harmony Project

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