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2017 Annual Fund






Dear Friends and Supporters of ESUSA,

We recently spoke with Anna Pietraszko, Executive Director of the El Sistema-inspired Miami Music Project. She shared a moving story about three young girls in her program.

“I have a mom in my program who has three kids, all adopted. She said to me ‘When I adopted my first two girls, they were hiding in my own house from us. They hid under the table, they wouldn’t look in our eyes; that would go on for weeks.’ She said the moment the girls started playing in orchestra, their accelerated improvement was incredibly inspiring. ‘I was trying to hold down my tears when I was looking at my girls, because all of a sudden, one is looking in my eyes, and another gives me a hug, and we really started becoming this true family.’”

Anna chooses to be a member of El Sistema USA because she believes together, we are stronger.

“A lot of El Sistema programs were launched by passionate members of the community, but like Miami Music Project, they might not have started with the tools to develop an organization! The more we network together and share resources, the better it’s going to be for the movement. With all the activities ESUSA will offer– the symposium, webinars, and grants–we are heading in that really exciting direction.”

 Your gift will help El Sistema USA members like the Miami Music Project:

By providing support for an annual national conference to support learning in the field. We will host our first National Symposium January 19-20, 2018 at Duke University, discussing the pursuit of racial equity in our programs and scaling social change through collective impact.

By supporting quarterly regional gatherings across the U.S. This Fall we were in the Great Lakes region, bringing together 12 ESUSA members to plan a 2018 Summer Seminario!

 By supporting the creation of exciting new online resources for members, including a new website with membership portal and networking platforms, benchmarking reports, training webinars, repertoire and program resources, and findings in evaluation and research.

If you make your gift before December 31, it will be MATCHED by an anonymous donor up to $25,000. Thank you for making a gift now to support our movement, and double your impact!

With sincerest gratitude,




Katie Wyatt, Executive Director, El Sistema USA,

Myka Miller, Fundraising Committee Chair, ESUSA, Executive Director, Harmony Project

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